Team 14479

The mission of The Masters School’s Engineering program is to fulfill the educational objectives of robotics as a practical expression and extension of Masters’ engineering curriculum. The goal at the outset was and remains: to introduce and educate students to engineering and the engineering design process. This mission is consistent with The Masters School’s pedagogical philosophy and school mission: “The Masters School celebrates active participation, deep understanding, and meaningful connection. A community of diverse individuals, we gather to learn, to strive, to dare, to do – to be a power for good in the world.” The Team works out of The Masters School’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center located in the lower level of the Cameron Mann Dining Hall on its campus at 49 Clinton Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, New York 10522.


Masters’ Engineering and Robotics Team is a part of the Zetetics Academic Enrichment Program. Zetetics includes:
  • Engineering and Robotics teams for both upper and middle school students,
  • Quiz Bowl teams for both upper and middle school students,
  • Applied Mathematics teams in the upper school,
  • A Cybersecurity Team in the upper school,
  • A History Bowl team for both upper and middle school students, and
  • A Coding Team in the upper school.
  • Depending upon the number of students involved in any given year, the Masters Engineering Team can comprise more than one competition Squad. The Squad Leader with the Coaches work together to create working groups within each Squad to ensure that all tasks are addressed and work is distributed equally. A typical Squad includes: people to manage Engineering Compliance, Coding and Control, Modeling and Fabrication, Media, Marketing and Promotions, Outreach, Rules and Compliance, Content Management, Electronics, Research and Reconnaissance, and Designers. There is also one Analyst and Webmaster for the entire team. The Team competes in three regular-season competitions per year.

    Team History


    A group of students meet to discuss the possibility of developing a robotics program at The Masters School. Mr. Chiodo is asked to advise and sponsor the group.


    The Masters School forms Masters Engineering and Robotics as a club with four members: Alex G., Oak P., Ben C., and Dylan C. The team builds and stores parts on a mobile cart that is kept in a small closet. Building is done in the cramped Math Commons. The team joins VEX Robotics Competitions because of the low-cost entry point, and ease of building and coding. The team enters its first robotics competition as Team 9873. t entry point, and ease of building and coding. The team enters its first robotics competition as Team 9873.


  • Excellence Award
  • 2014-2015

    Nineteen students signed up to do robotics, but nine drop out due to time conflicts. The decision was made to petition to have Masters Engineering and Robotics changed from a club to a recognized after school program to make it easier for students to participate. During the regular season, the team qualifies for the Southern New York State Championships for the first time.


  • Design Award
  • Tournament Champions (2)
  • 2015-2016

    The team grows to 23 students that are separated into three squads. Outreach to the school’s middle school population results in an additional 7 students who form their own squad. The team co-hosts its first tournament with Glen Cove Public Schools. The team advances for the second year to the Southern New York State Championships, and advances to the semifinals. At the end of the regular-season, the team travels to the CREATE U.S. Open Robotics Championship primarily to investigate the level of competition on the national stage while competing against 400 other VEX EDR teams. Masters Engineering and Robotics becomes the captain of the 16th alliance in the elimination tournament.


  • Excellence Award
  • Tournament Champions (2)
  • 2016-2017

    The team roster remains stable at approximately 30 students. Additional outreach and special programs attracts more young women who now make up 40% of the total team. Masters Engineering and Robotics middle school squads join VEX IQ program. Masters Engineering and Robotics advances to the Southern New York State Championship and advances to the finals. At the end of the regular-season, the team travels to the CREATE U.S. Open Robotics Championship and wins in the 40-team Open Division.


  • Honor Award (CREATE U.S. Open)
  • Tournament Champion (2)
  • Innovate Award
  • Judges Award
  • 2017-2018

    Young women now account for 50% of the total team. Masters Engineering and Robotics shortens its name to Masters Engineering to add focus to the engineering aspects of robotics. Masters Engineering makes its fourth appearance at the Southern New York State Championship, and its first appearance at VEX Worlds. With changes being made to VEX Robotics Competitions, Masters Engineering begins to evaluate other robotics programs/leagues to find a program that better aligns to The Masters School educational mission.


  • Excellence Award
  • Southern New York State Champions
  • Robot Skills Winner
  • Tournament Champions (2)
  • Team Members


    John Chiodo

    Head Coach

    Mr. Chiodo is the head coach of Team 14479, and coached his first robotics team 15 years ago. He is The Masters School's Director of Innovation, Engineering and Computer Science. Prior to his present position, he taught mathematics for 14 years. Mr. Chiodo is also the coach for the school's Math Modeling, History Bowl, Cybersecurity, and Coding teams. Additionally, he is the faculty advisor to the school's Entrepreneurship Club. When he is not working, Mr. Chiodo enjoys cooking for and spending time with family and friends.


    Sydney Kadiyala


    Mrs. Kadiyala is a trained physicist, engineering teacher and faculty advisor to the Anime Club at the Masters School. She enjoys her job because it gives her the ability to help students express creativity in a different form. Being part of a program like this is great because it is nice to how students truly develop skills that will help them for the rest of their lives. It is amazing to see a student stay motivated and encouraged to find a different way when they are struggling rather than give up. Mrs. Kadiyala also does robotics to support her puppy.


    Louisa Chiodo

    Co-captain, Engineering Compliance & Documentation

    Louisa Chiodo is a 12th grader and this is her 5th year in the school's robotics program. Her job on the team is to lead documentation and to address/manage the engineering process. Louisa has loved robotics since she first joined as a driver when she was 13 years old. From driving, she soon found a passion for documentation and desired to improve her skills for her future dream career as a biochemist and cellular/molecular biologist. When Louisa isn't studying or participating in Robotics, she spends her time working on her personal comic, Zoomix, and helps teach art.


    Jonas Kolker

    Modeling and Fabrication

    Jonas Kolker is an 11th grader. He works on 3D modeling and fabrication. This is his second year in robotics. He joined because of his interest in engineering. Jonas has absolutely no idea what he wants to do with life after robotics, but is most certainly enjoying the ride.


    Yeveen Shin

    Outreach Coordinator, Designer

    Yeveen is a junior and this is her second year on the team. This year, she is in charge of Outreach program at Masters. She works with Ms. Kadiyala in hopes of bringing more robotics opportunities to the students. Last year, she took Introduction to Engineering Design and she is currently taking CSP. You will be able to find her in IEC during after school hours.


    Mark Attar


    Mark Attar is a 10th grader in his third year of robotics. His job on the team is mostly as a designer and builder. Mark does robotics because he loves to build and design with friends in the fun, meme-diseased environment. When not doing robotics or other academic activities, Mark likes to play tennis, video games, and reading about cars. Mark is not entirely sure about what he wants to do in life, but he just likes to live in the moment.


    Zach Battleman

    Mathematics and Testing

    Zach Battleman is a Sophomore at The Masters School and this is his 4th year in robotics. His robotics career started in summer after 6th grade when he joined a summer program run at the Masters School. Soon after, he started working closly along side former captains and teammates. Zach is currently in Principals of Engineering, the second course in the engineering track at Masters. He plans to either go into Mathematics or Computer Science in the future.


    Carly Grizzaffi

    Field Research, Designer

    Carly Grizzaffi is a sophomore at The Masters School and this is her first year in robotics. She also takes part in the school’s engineering program. Although Carly has no experience in robotics, she brings a new perspective to the team. Carly has a passion for technology and is fascinated by the ever-expanding field. This year, Carly is in charge of our teams research and writes our team blog. She plans to go into a technology field in the future. In college, she hopes to major in Computer Science and minor in Engineering. Carly wants to be a part of making the 'next big thing' and be a leader and unstoppable force in engineering and technology.


    Jake Lehrman

    Rules Compliance, Designer

    Jake Lehrman is a sophomore at The Masters School and this is his first year in robotics. He also takes part in the school’s engineering program. He really enjoys applying some of the skills he learned in engineering to the robotics team, especially math and science. He looks forward to learning more while on the robotics team. He is excited to begin robotics as the drive team coach.


    Kishan Mangru

    Content Management, Designer

    Kishan Mangru is a sophomore at The Masters School and this is his first year in robotics. He also takes part in the school’s engineering program. He deals with the content management for the website for the robotics team. Kishan is participating in robotics because he wants to see the design process in action after taking the Introduction to Engineering class at Masters. He also wants to heighten his skills in engineering and robotics.


    Matt Nappo

    Co-captain, Coding & Control

    Matt Nappo has been on the Masters School Robotics Team for a few years, and is excited about our switch from VEX to FIRST. He says that the switch will challenge both himself and other students to take robotics more seriously. Mr. Nappo is the team's lead programmer and loves what he does. When he's not writing code for robots, he likes contributing to open source software and working on his own personal projects.


    Brandon Zazza

    Electronics & Special Projects

    Brandon Zazza is a sophomore at the Masters School and this is his second year in robotics. He also takes part in the school’s engineering program. His current jobs are quartermaster, electrical engineer, and special projects manager. Brandon does robotics because he is learning through experience to become an skillful engineer in the future.



    Build Supervisor

    Dell is a freshman at The Masters School and this is his first year in robotics. He also takes part in the school’s engineering program. He does concept sketching and design. Dell has joined robotics because he likes engineering and has an interest in mechanics, electronics, and design.


    Matthew Williams


    Matthew is a freshman at The Masters School and this is his first year in robotics. He also takes part in the school’s engineering program. He is passionate about engineering and he wants to expand his knowledge of different disciplines in the field of technology. Matthew is excited to be a part of the team.



    Assoc. Build Suervisor

    Dean is the most recent addition to The Masters School's Engineering Team. Admittedly, he doesn't have much experience with coding or robotics, but has been doing worsdworking projects in his garage for as long as he can remember. Dean loves using his hands to build and create using drills, screws, saws and anything else that can destroy and recreate. His woodworking passion faded somewhat because of school, but being on the robotics team has opened up a new window for creating. He looks forward to spending time doing what he has always loved.

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