Team Blog Entry #3

Carly Grizzaffi

November 1, 2018

Wow, what a week! Not only has Masters hosted their first FIRST event, but we have made lots of progress on our robot. We have actually designed the alternate chassis again and now because having the motors in each corner presented many complications. Now, we are creating another square, holonomic chassis that addresses these problems. We can't wait to test it out! As for the triangle bot, we have actually started taking it apart so we can add in the brass gears and change the steel exterior to aluminum. With plastic gears, we found that there was a loud grinding sound and the gears were actually getting destroyed. In addition, the steel exterior proved to be far too heavy so in order to save weight, we are replacing this with aluminum pieces. We hope to test this out within the next few days but we all have high hopes! Thanks for checking in! I will be here to report some exciting news soon.

Team Blog Entry #2

Carly Grizzaffi

October 16, 2018

We have had a productive couple of weeks! Here are some of the highlight: We are making lots of progress on the alternate chassis! Although we have had to redo it several times, we are now confident in the design. It is a reinforced design with 4 wheels in all 4 corners.

Team Blog Entry #1

Carly Grizzaffi

September 20th, 2018

Hello world! Welcome to The Masters School’s team blog. We are happy you visited our page. We are 3 weeks into our robotics season and are thrilled to be a first time member of FTC! This year we have assembled the ultimate team occupied by the best and brightest. With everyone having various engineering backgrounds, we are diverse and ready to get building! As of right now, we have built our chassis and have been working tirelessly on concept sketches so stay tuned! Get ready because The Masters School is ready to take FIRST by storm!

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